Top Tips For Perfect, Long Lasting Nails

Top Tips For Perfect, Long Lasting Nails


Perfect Gel Nails at Artizan Hair & Beauty Salon in Dunstable 

Looking for a long-lasting nail polish that remains chip-free for up to 2 weeks? Visit Artizan Hair & Beauty Salon in Dunstable where we offer the brilliant Shellac polish.

Shellac nails offer a hard wearing, beautiful manicure lasting for up to 14 days, without losing their shimmer or shine. This nail treatment will not damage your natural nails and once your nails have been manicured, the polish will be set under a UV lamp giving you long lasting wear. 

Top Tips for Perfect, Long-Lasting Nails

Wondering what you can do to keep your nails looking perfect for longer? Follow our handy list of ‘no-nos’ to help protect your nails…

  1. Biting your Nails: Biting your nails is one the most common ways to ruin your polish. Try applying a no-bite polish on your nails to help wean you off this nasty habit.
  2. Spraying Perfume: Avoid spraying your perfume too close to your nails because your scent may well contain some of the same ingredients as nail polish remover!
  3. Applying Hair Spray: Similar to perfume, some hair sprays contain chemicals that will wear away at your nail polish.  Avoid running your painted nails through your hair.
  4. Adding Sunscreen: Put your sunscreen on BEFORE applying your nail polish.  Many sunscreens will soften nail polish and can even dissolve acrylic nails.
  5. Cleaning: Many cleaning products contain acetone, found in many nail polish removers,  so check the labels carefully.  Consider wearing gloves if you want your nail polish to last longer.
  6. Washing the Dishes: Grab a pair of dish gloves to protect your nails (and hands) from harsh soaps.  These soaps will start to lift your polish from your nails.  It’s a great excuse to get your loved ones to lend a hand too!
  7. Showering, Bathing & Swimming: While we do not suggest you go without bathing,  it might be worth cutting your shower short or giving your swimming a miss if you want to keep your nails looking sensational for a special event.  Water will raise your nail polish from your nail, meaning it will begin to peel and chip.

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