Top 5 Summer Hair Colour Trends

Top 5 Summer Hair Colour Trends

Hot Summer Hair Colour Trends from Artizan Hair & Beauty Salon in Dunstable

If you’re looking for a cool new look this summer, why not start with a pop of hair colour at our hair salon in Dunstable? There are so many fabulous hair colour trends this year – and we’re in love with them all. Here are five of our faves!

1. Blonde Hair Colours For Summer

2aaeb1cbc2535ef6b2174031765271b2Buttery blondes are back, and it’s got such a fun, beachy vibe. Right in time for the warm weather (well, what we have of it!)

The softer blonde tones are in direct contrast to the icy cold blonde hair trends of recent years, and they look great on girls, teens and women of all ages.

We can find the perfect blonde to suit your skin colouring so why not book in for a hair colour consultation at Artizan and let our hair colour experts work their magic?



2. Balayage/Deliberate Roots Hair Trend

REDKEN-wispy-blunt-fringeIf you’re on a bit of a budget but you’re still sensible enough to get your hair coloured in a salon and not from a box, this deliberate roots hair trend can be an absolute lifesaver.

All you have to do is ask one of our expert colour technicians to create a gorgeous ombre or balayage hair look for you. Sun-kissed hair is also a great choice for summer and there are so many techniques we can use to get the look you’re after.





3. Silvery Grey Hues for Summer

Box 5 - Hair ColourThe world truly has gone mad for grey hair! Grey hair is the ultimate in ‘granny chic’.

Ask your stylist if this look will suit you – they’ll give you some honest advice!

It can have a silver or grey hue or you can veer more towards a platinum blonde with icy tones.





4. Fashion Hair Colours for Summer

196Summer is a great time to have some fun with your hair colour and it doesn’t get more fun than with pastel hair colours.

Baby pinks, lilacs and the hottest of colours  – denim blue – can be hard to achieve at home so ask your colour technician at Artizan to talk you through what can be achieved with your hair.





5. Natural Hair Colours

spring hairstyles artizanBy ‘natural hair colours’…we don’t mean ‘mousy brown’! We’re talking about giving your hair a lift with lowlights or highlights. Add some rich reds to brown hair, lift fair hair with golden highlights and put some chocolate browns into very dark hair.

Whatever hair colour you decide upon, give Artizan Hair & Beauty a call to book your next appointment on 01582 668477.