Haircuts & Styling

Haircuts & Hairstyles at Artizan Hair & Beauty, Bedfordshire

Our professional hair designers at Artizan Hair & Beauty in Bedfordshire are aware of the latest hairstyle trends, creating gorgeous haircuts and styles to all our clients.

Our highly skilled designers will create a haircut and style, taking into account your facial shape, your personality and your lifestyle. A good haircut can transform your look, boosting your confidence at the same time. Whether you wear your hair short, mid length or long we will ensure you leave our hairdressing salon in Bedfordshire looking gorgeous every time.

Short Haircuts & Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are easy to maintain and are great styles if you don’t want to spend hours on complicated styling routines. To keep your short style in beautiful condition regular hair maintenance appointments are required. Before you leave Artizan Hair & Beauty book in for your next appointment to keep your short haircut and style in fabulous condition and looking great!

From a short chic bob, a pixie cut or a short crop you can be sure our expert hair designers will create a short style especially for you.

Mid Length or Medium Length Hairstyles

Medium length hair is the style that doesn’t fall too long or sit too short, can be worn in many different styles and is the perfect style for most women. Wear your medium length hair in an upstyle, in loose waves or tied back in a ponytail. Mid length haircuts are short enough to be manageable and easy to style, but long enough for you to try looks that require a little length.

If you want to change your style without cutting off your length, talk to your stylist at Artizan about adding some layers. Adding layers will add texture and width and make your hair appear longer.

Check out some medium length hairstyles for inspiration.

Long Hairstyles

Having long hair gives you so many styling options. Whether you want to add in some long layers for movement, some razored edges or some face framing feathering, the choices are endless for long hair. Long hairstyles are gorgeous, romantic and feminine, the style that never goes out of fashion.

Long hair can be styled in many different ways from sleek and straight, long loose curls, plaits and braids or styled in a sophisticated upstyle, the choices are endless. Keep up with regular hair maintenance appointments to keep your long locks in great condition, healthy and shiny avoiding breakage and dryness. Speak to your stylist at Artizan Hair & Beauty for advice on looking after your long hairstyle. There are several ways of adding interest to a long hairstyle, you just need to be creative.

Book your hairstyle appointment at Artizan Hair & Beauty

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