Brazilian Blow Dry

X-tenso-Moisturist-1L’Oreal X-Tenso Smoothing Service at Artizan

Say bye-bye to frizzy and unmanageable hair and hello to sleek, shiny and smooth hair. If you spend hours blow drying your hair the L’Oréal X-Tenso smoothing service with moisturist is just what you have been waiting for. You will get easy styling, softness and shine, perfect for clients who want to turn frizzy, coarse and curly hair into smoother, shinier and softer locks.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl with its cationic auto-control technology, smoothing curly or slightly wavy hair making your hair more manageable for effortless styling.

Speak to one of our professional team at Artizan Hair & Beauty Salon in Bedfordshire for advice and transform your hair with our latest professional smoothing system.

What are the Benefits?

  • With Nutri Cationic Technology X-Tenso Moisturist boosts the hair’s condition and allows active treatment ingredients to be delivered to where they are most needed on the hair.
  • X-Tenso Moisturist creates a straighter, smooth, natural looking finish
  • Straightening Treatment lasts for up to 3 months
  • Service time is only 1 hour 30 minutes for short hair

What are the Results?

  • Smoother Hair
  • Volume Control
  • Tamed Frizz
  • Silky and Shinier
  • Easier to Blowdry
  • More Conditioned
  • Healthy Looking Hair

Can I colour my hair after treatment?

X-Tenso can be used on colour treated hair using the sensitized formula, however we would recommend to have a colour service 2 weeks before or after L’Oréal X-Tenso treatment. X-Tenso is not recommended on hair that’s been pre-lightened or highlighted hair.

Can I use straightening irons on my hair at home?

Yes you can use straightening irons on your hair. You will not need to use them as much as you did before as your hair will already be straighter, smoother and more manageable.

Is this straightening treatment for me?

If you have frizzy, damaged or un-manageable hair, then this treatment is for you. The X-Tenso smoothing treatment will leave you with smooth, shiny, frizz free and easy to manage, beautiful hair from the moment you step out of our salon.

Dunstable, Bedfordshire L’Oreal X-Tenso Smoothing ServiceWhat results can I expect from the X-Tenso Smoothing Treatment?

After your smoothing treatment your expected results are beautiful, shiny, conditioned, frizz free, silkier hair, saving you precious time on styling your hair. Everyone’s hair is unique so book in for a consultation before your treatment to ensure the right results are achieved for you.

Transform your locks and get rid of those frizzy, unruly hair days with X-Tenso Brazilian Straightening Treatment.

Book an appointment for your X-Tenso Straightening Treatment with one of our friendly team at our Bedfordshire Hair Salon. Give us a call on 01582 668477 or call in for a consultation you can find us on High Street North.